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10 reasons why you should consider a brand-new home.

#10. A brand-new home is one of the easiest ways for first time                                   home buyers to get onto the property ladder and start generating
substantial equity.

# 9. More than one real estate expert has concluded that, as a whole,                       new homes tend to appreciate faster than their resale counterparts.

# 8. New homes are safer than older homes. They feature better                      systems and adhere to today's stricter building codes and standards.

# 7. There's nothing like owning something that's new and that is an
expression of your decisions on location, options, decorating, style                         
and landscaping.

# 6. BCBA builders and their associates are local businesses and shop                  where you will.

# 5. Brand-new homes are less expensive to maintain than older                        homes.

# 4. Buyers in newer communities often find they make new friends                  quickly and newer neighborhoods frequently have newer, more                 sought after schools.

# 3. Indoor air quality is superior, thanks to advances in heating and                         air conditioning systems, better ventilation and tighter construction.

# 2. More efficient equipment, better control of air infiltration,                         better insulation, improved windows and other components mean                  that new homes are significantly more energy efficient.

# 1. Members of the Barrow County Builders Association are working
every day to make their new homes more durable, efficient and
affordable. Overall, newly constructed homes are healthier, more
comfortable, and more water and energy efficient.