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Barrow County Builders Association

Barrow County Builders Association

Barrow County Builders Association serves the Barrow County area. If you're looking to buy, build, remodel or maintain your home, we're the trusted source for industry professional referrals and practical information on getting the job done right.

It takes a variety of companies to build a home or commercial structure. Developers prepare the land; architects design the building; builders and subcontractors complete the structure; suppliers provide the materials; realtors make the sales; and banks provide the funds. Within each of these segments, there are numerous smaller companies that also contribute to every new home and commercial building. Our members are involved in that construction; land development, Real Estate sales and remodeling industry of single family homes, condominium homes, multifamily homes and commercial buildings in the Barrow County Area.  

The Barrow County Builders Association provides the structure for these diverse companies to work together to provide quality homes and commercial buildings for Barrow and surrounding counties. 

Quality construction in attractive, affordable communities is important to us because we are your neighbors. We work, play and serve in your communities. Barrow County Builders Association members are dedicated to preserving the integrity and lifestyle of Barrow County through high professional standards and sound business practices. 

We are a professional non-profit organization comprised of Custom Home Builders, Remodeling Professionals and Subcontractor Services (such as Plumbing, Heating & A/C, Electrical, and Real Estate to name a few) as well as retail construction supply businesses. The BCBA has a current roster of more than 30 members – most of which are locally owned and operated here in Barrow County.